Sale season

saint laurent

I used to panic a lot during sales because of the amount of choice but with time I realized that I prefer to buy those items that otherwise I would probably not purchase – think embellished bags or blazers, the Chloé “Susanna” boots in velvet or anything crazy that would update an outfit without having to break the bank. I also like buying basics but then again, I like to update the basic side of the closet quite regularly so each season I go for new cashmere sweaters or plain white tshirts and one can never have too many stripe tops, be it cashmere, cotton, silk or wool. Trends, on the other hand can be tricky and I really think hard before purchasing something that’s “in” because even if it’s 50% off, it is still money wasted if in a few months it will just be there to clutter my wardrobe.

But if there’s something that I want badly I just go for it. So in the end, I don’t have the whole sale thing mastered but at least I’m not panicking anymore.

Dea xx