Birthday month


There’s something nostalgic about August and I am not sure it’s because my birthday month has rolled in or because autumn is fast approaching – or maybe both – but I feel a shift most of the time.

Nostalgia gets the best of me because I remember all my childhood birthdays spent at my grandparents’ house, the yard full of children, cakes and happiness. I’ve always associated my birthday with happiness, and this is one of the things I hope it never changes about me. However, growing up, most of those children have either disappeared from my life or have become my best friends - we are on different continents but still remember each other’s birthdays and go down memory lane once a year or so.

Speaking of shifts, it seems that I am not the only one experiencing them this time of year. I woke up today to a newsletter of one of my favorite bloggers. She wrote how she also feels a change in the air, how it’s okay not to be perfect or have it all figured out, and her letter just gave me that boost of positivity I needed because if she, who is hugely successful and talented, feels this way it’s normal to have these emotions without trying to second-guess yourself all the time. We’re all just human, after all. 

I’m going into August with happiness and energy to start something new and also with excitement as I get to travel a little bit and visit some new spots on my new continent.

Happy August, everyone!

Dea xx

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