The magic of beginnings


There is a thrill to every fresh start, being the start of a new school year, September, spring, the New Year and even a new week. Today it feels like two in one – it’s Monday AND the New Year and while I am not one for resolutions I do like to put pen to paper and put my thoughts out there and try to make sense of what it is that I would like to accomplish this week and in a broader view, this year.

While I am not one who makes resolutions, I want to be more present in the moment and enjoy the little things more without worrying too much. I want to take every day as it comes and try to be more patient as I totally lack in this department. Patience used to be my strength and then I lost it somehow and this is something I would like to rediscover, as I am sure it is part of my core. Getting in touch with myself should be the main focus this year and all the little things I do every day, starting with how I get out of bed and the decisions I make for my private life or work, will influence the outcome of pretty much everything so I want to embrace this calm and not let difficulties, worries and fear get in the way.

There are many things I need to improve but instead of letting the inconvenience get in the way I will focus on what is right now and go from there. Baby steps.


Happy Monday!

Dea xx

Deabeginnings, new year, 2017