Monday motivation

It's Monday, which means new week, new possibilities. I wasn't always so excited about Mondays - I was dreading them and I would get the Sunday blues more often than not but a while back something changed. I did change my job, I went from being full-time corporate girl to being full-time entrepreneur and please allow me to mention that this is no picnic - it is more demanding than any other job I've had before and it has its ups and downs but it is mine and mine alone but the biggest change happened in my attitude. 

After I decided to leave the corporate job I started a new MBA in entrepreneurship to add more value to my thoughts and to get inspired by real entrepreneurs (they were sometimes teachers, sometimes speakers at events at university) but I would still see Monday as "ugh, here we go again" and I realized that I got so stuck in my past thoughts and behavior and it was doing me no good. It is hard to change habits and patterns of thought but I was determined to try and succeed and I wanted to start every new week with a positive attitude. 

I decided to establish a new routine that I would look forward to not just on Mondays, but on every day of the week. I used to wake up, grab an espresso, jump into the shower, dress and go! Now I wake up earlier than I used to, I take the time to enjoy my coffee while reading a few pages from my book or browsing through a magazine and now I want to add writing about motivation to this routine because it perks me up and I hope I can inspire you as well. I am no guru, don't get me wrong, but I believe that by sharing my experiences you can relate and knowing that you are not alone my help as well. 

Today I woke up determined to start a new project but within seconds from getting out of bed I started feeling a bit sick, like I might be getting a cold, and my first instinct was to grab a blanket and curl up on the couch but then I told myself that no, I am not THAT sick and stop complaining in my head about it. I god dressed,I made myself a cup of coffee, put my hair up into a bun and started working slowly but then I got into it so just that one shift in thought from "I feel meh" to "I can do this!" changed my morning and my mood. 

For me it works as well to play some of my favorite songs while writing down the tasks for the day and planning my agenda. The smell of fresh brewed coffee, the smell of new possibilities as I write down ideas and the sunrise also motivate me and more and more I start thinking about what Henry Ford said: "if you think you can or you can't - you're right."

Happy Monday!

Dea xx