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The Look Board is a platform for busy women who want to look good and feel empowered by the outfits they wear.

Nothing boosts self-confidence better than a becoming garment.
— Diana Athill

Winter 18

Current outfit inspiration 

Dreaming of green trees and fresh blooms has me into the mood for colorful pieces, which means a pop of red here and there to boost the mood on those gloomy days. It is also the time to make the best of our knitwear - which we most likely bought back in July 2017. Now, while we wear what we bought last summer, let’s plan what we’ll buy for spring, shall we?


The pieces above work with each other but they are timeless enough to be worn with what you already have in your wardrobe. The skirt, for example, can be worn in any season, paired with over the knee boots in winter or the gorgeous Oran sandals in summer.

March 2018

March rolled in with lots of snow and a wave of cold temperatures in both North America and Europe. While my friends are sporting the new spring trends in Paris and London I am still cuddling inside my Yves Salomon parka while walking to work in -16*C. Underneath it all is a Saint Laurent silk dress with flower print that has become my strongest piece when confronted with a prolonged winter - it's a soft reminder that warmer days are ahead. Also, if you are not a fan of florals, this season has plenty of other print to embrace, from leopard print at Saint Laurent and Dolce & Gabbana to abstract motifs at Marni and Mugler.


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